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120725_PearsonStudios_yourstudioE_0013Hi, My name is Erik Gabrielson.  Eight Years ago I experienced an event that helped me see the importance of clarity over certainty.  My son was born with a severe case of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  I am  launching a journey to tell the story of how Kieran has taught me so much about living life.

When I was writing as a way to cope while he was in the NICU in the hospital, I realized that what I was writing was everything that Kieran (Pike at the time) was teaching me.

What began as a vehicle to share with Kieran has now turned out to be an opportunity to share with others.

Welcome to the journey of learning from our kids.  It has been the most impactful learning in my life to date.

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I now incorporate this experience of getting clear, and why, with a performance framework that has been developed over the past 35 years through research and application directly into lives and business.  This framework turbo charges initiatives allowing team members to build trust and learn fast to raise their potential and achieve shared commitments together.  I am currently a Partner at Activ8

Thanks!     Erik

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