Kieran teaching me to “drop in”

It was awesome to totally get outside my comfort zone.  I got slammed a few times. Thanks to Trog at 3rd Lair for coaching me and taking me through the right progression. He got me going pretty fast.  You will notice in the video some of top things that I was coached on and learned.

  1.  Breathe – get out of your head
  2. “Don’t Freak out” – Get the negative out
  3. Look out in front of you – where you want to go, not the obstacles in the way
  4. Commitment – You either do, or you don’t
  5. Learn from your crashes – You learn from failing

Super Fun!  I can see why these kids love this sport.  I will be doing more of it and trying to up my game.  Look for future posts on how I am coming along.

All lessons that I can apply anywhere in my life.  In my pursuits, in business, and with my family.

To read about the EGG “b” technique to tap into your power, please go here.

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8 Thoughts

  1. Holy smokes! Kieran moves like he was born skateboarding. Dad picked it up impressively fast as well. Thank you for the video, that was a lot of fun to watch.


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